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Dude, what is up with your name? What’s an Agonywolf?

There’s honestly no cute story behind our snarly company moniker. It was named by founder Rikk Wolf in his early twenties amidst the height of his fandom for bands like “The Agony Scene” and “The Agonist” so that may have had an influence. Edge Lord origins aside, we’ve come to embrace the title because… well… we’ve stamped it on too much damn stuff to turn back now! We kid this name of ours, we love it.

Why will the next Incognito Cinema Warriors XP episode be the last and when will it drop?

It was a bummer to announce the next ICWXP release (ICWXP206) will be the final chapter for the series but the movie-riffing landscape has changed since the show launched in 2008 and due to a host of reasons, we feel it’s past due time to hop the fence for greener pastures.
Also, ICWXP has always been limited to public domain movies due to budget limitations and public domain is sadly more a matter of opinion when it comes to films without paying for legal expenses for confirmation. Our new sci-fi series, Grey Colored Glasses, is 100% original content that we own lock, stock and barrel with no legal hang-ups.
As for a release date, we can’t say. Agonywolf Media has a very small staff and we can only ever steer the boat in one direction at a time. As of September 2019, our current focus is online content with our live game-riffing series Robot Co-Op, as it accounts for nearly half of Agonywolf Media’s income.
Rest assured we’re working on the farewell ICWXP episode as much as we can and we’ll make lots of noise when it’s all done cooking.

What’s the best place to get all the latest Agonywolf Media news?

The most active Agonywolf hotspot is the Facebook group “Cogger Club”, named for fans Incognito Cinema Warriors XP – “Coggers”. Cogger Club is the 24/7 watering hole and the latest Agonywolf Media news is always on display there.

Click Here to Join Cogger Club

How can I help Agonywolf Media continue making content?

What an altruistic question! The easiest answer is Patreon, Patreon, Patreon! Without the crowd-funding fuel that viewers like you provide us through Patreon, we’re not sure if we’d still be here. You can pledge as little as a dollar per-month and score yourself all sorts of rare prizes you can’t get anywhere else.

Click here for details and to keep the Agonywolf Media beast howling.

If a reoccurring monthly charge isn’t your jam, there’s always the option to make a live donation during one of Robot Co-Op’s Twitch streams! A lot of people prefer this method because only PayPal takes a small service fee as opposed to Patreon and PayPal both.

Another bonus is the ability to send in a personal text-to-speech message along with your donation that the Robot Co-Op crew will hear and react to live!
Click Here to access the Robot Co-Op Twitch channel

…and click HERE for the direct link to send in a live donation!  Just make sure the guys are currently lives streaming or they won’t get your message.

Where can I send ya’ll delicious cookies or other goodies?

If you’d like to send us something nifty like treats, handsome socks, weird pickle-flavored items, letters that say nice things or even video games to consider playing on Robot Co-Op, send ‘em here:

Agonywolf Media
15621 W. 87th Street Pkwy #193
Lenexa, KS 66219

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